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Feb 17, 2019

Investment Advisor, JB Bryan is interviewed on The Carl Nelson Show. JB Bryan is LIVE. She takes tax, debt, entrepreneurship, and legacy planning questions from the audience. Listen in. Be empowered. Email your questions to 

Jan 20, 2019

Some people think financial success and career advancement just happen - for some "yes" but for most of us "it takes WORK". Check out the A-B- C's. ACT- Believe- and Communicate.  Here's how to stay on track, build wealth, and create a team. 

Jan 13, 2019

Let's focus on our financial goals and wealth development. Here is how to live a life of NO REGRETS by taking steps to discover and maximize empowering opportunities. This is a discussion of growing your legacy and why financial sacrifice and discipline are vital for the future of Black wealth development.

Dec 21, 2018

Amazingly what we start with – doesn’t have to stop us. Check out this information from Kimbro’s survey of Black billionaires and millionaires. This week’s podcast features key steps to building wealth through researching the habits of the wealthy. I started from zero just like most of today’s Black...

Dec 4, 2018

Celebrate YOU and your financial accomplishments. Take time to acknowledge your achievements. Check out these steps that encourage you to get comfortable with your desires and goals. Too often we allow our daily tasks to dominate every minute of our day - this week we explore why the more you celebrate you  - the...